I’m an artist . . . but that’s not saying much, because I believe, and it is something that I have devoted my time heavily to convey, that art expression is an inherent property of human nature. The media may vary, but not the innate disposition.

Those that know me have heard my “talent-as-myth” diatribe all too often, and if you end up tuning in to my posts, you will encounter it soon enough. It is my goal to change the notion, which a great number of people resign to, that one needs to have “talent” to pursue the art they feel or want and am doing this on a daily basis through my program in the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.

With that as preface, I will probably devote a portion of my posts to inspiring artists, but I also plan to impart other conceptions that I have about life in general, with the goal of elevating, encouraging, enlivening or energizing those who read them.

Let me begin with this:

I wish for you the ability to create for yourself all that your heart desires.


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"The Myth of Talent" by Robin Griggs Wood

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”Bright and Beautiful, Great and Small, Wise and Wonderful”

”Bright and Beautiful, Great and Small, Wise and Wonderful”

I finished this one a couple weeks back, and then got so busy, I didn't get a chance to share it then ... ;oD

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  1. Robin Griggs Wood - ha, the Light at the End of the Tunnel.
    Lovely composite, Robin!

  2. Iii do m p re than just prove forgin car lwt it gooo

  3. I would yravel ti a place like that

  4. This would make a great book cover if it had a portrait orientation. Fantastic image...

  5. This is so beautiful and so amazing on a technical level Robin Griggs Wood. Shadows and reflections! (Along with everything else, of course!) It's really fascinating!

  6. Thank you, dear Christina Lihani !... it was one of those rabbit holes that I just kept going deeper into until I could see the story ... :o). Hugs!

  7. I don't suppose you have a BTS for this Robin Griggs Wood?

  8. Christina Lihani -- I didn't make a BTS for it, but I could break out the Ps file and take some snapshots for you, if you need it. There's a bazillion layers, though ... ;oD

  9. Sometime, if you have time Robin Griggs Wood, I'd love to see how you did the reflections on the floor. Shadows and reflections are still really tricky to me.

  10. Oh wow, I am just overjoyed that you took so much time to explain this Robin Griggs Wood! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be copying it to a document so that I can reference it over and over again. I can't wait to have a block (several blocks, actually) of time to play and experiment with this! 
    Just reading it a second time and there are so many nuggets! Thank you, thank you! And I might also add: THANK YOU!    : D       ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. You're so welcome, dear Christina Lihani!

  12. رائعه " افريقيا الساحره"

  13. I really like this but thwn im also partial to elephants


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