I’m an artist . . . but that’s not saying much, because I believe, and it is something that I have devoted my time heavily to convey, that art expression is an inherent property of human nature. The media may vary, but not the innate disposition.

Those that know me have heard my “talent-as-myth” diatribe all too often, and if you end up tuning in to my posts, you will encounter it soon enough. It is my goal to change the notion, which a great number of people resign to, that one needs to have “talent” to pursue the art they feel or want and am doing this on a daily basis through my program in the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.

With that as preface, I will probably devote a portion of my posts to inspiring artists, but I also plan to impart other conceptions that I have about life in general, with the goal of elevating, encouraging, enlivening or energizing those who read them.

Let me begin with this:

I wish for you the ability to create for yourself all that your heart desires.


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You can begin by watching "The Myth of Talent" here:

"The Myth of Talent" by Robin Griggs Wood

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The Path You Choose

The Path You Choose

I was reminded of this incredible woman, Ernestine Shepard, who, in her mid-seventies, became the oldest world female body-building champion. (http://goo.gl/gsv7) And she didn't start her journey of success until late in life.

For anything to exist in your life, it needs to be created.

This includes your health -- good or bad.
This includes your ability -- good or bad.
This includes your emotional reactions -- good or bad.
This includes your relationships -- good or bad.

We create the bad stuff as much as the good.

The truth is, many people don't take responsibility for what happens in their lives -- oftentimes believing that the choices they make in life are thrust upon them by "others" or circumstance. They forget that they are the ultimate cause in the forces of their own lives.

Sure, we get strapped down by mortgages, kids, medical liabilities and distressed family members. But the day that we walk out the door and say, "I, me, and only me, am going to do something about this today!" is the day where life begins.


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