I’m an artist . . . but that’s not saying much, because I believe, and it is something that I have devoted my time heavily to convey, that art expression is an inherent property of human nature. The media may vary, but not the innate disposition.

Those that know me have heard my “talent-as-myth” diatribe all too often, and if you end up tuning in to my posts, you will encounter it soon enough. It is my goal to change the notion, which a great number of people resign to, that one needs to have “talent” to pursue the art they feel or want and am doing this on a daily basis through my program in the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.

With that as preface, I will probably devote a portion of my posts to inspiring artists, but I also plan to impart other conceptions that I have about life in general, with the goal of elevating, encouraging, enlivening or energizing those who read them.

Let me begin with this:

I wish for you the ability to create for yourself all that your heart desires.


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You can begin by watching "The Myth of Talent" here:

"The Myth of Talent" by Robin Griggs Wood

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Finding Your Vision - is a free mentorship for beginner to intermediateStreet Photographers.

Finding Your Vision - is a free mentorship for beginner to intermediate Street Photographers.

Over the past 2 years I have participated in several programmes offered through the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.
Not only have I met other amazing photographers, but I’ve developed skills and grown creatively.
As a way to Pay it Forward, I have since developed my own 8 week mentorship to help street photographers develop their own personal style or vision.

Sign ups start March 5th right here on my profile. I will explain more details on the next post. So watch this space.

This 8 week Mentorship will start on March 19th.

Alex Lapidus Ron Clifford Robin Griggs Wood G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers #FindingYourVision

Great Egrets are one of my favorite birds.

Great Egrets are one of my favorite birds. They are so stately and I am often captivated in watching them move, ever so carefully, as they hunt for delicacies in the water.

Great Egret (Ardea alba) in an estuary at Pismo Beach, California.

Water Bird Wednesday with thanks to Margaret Tompkins  #WaterbirdWednesday  

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ButterFLYdays are Bokehlicious!

ButterFLYdays are Bokehlicious!
Overwintering Monarch butterflies at Pismo Beach, California.

#FridaysAreBokehlicious  :o) … ˚ºoOoº˚

With a nod and grin to those sundry #bokehlicious #bokeholics (that may rival the non-curator list of a certain non-theme! … ;o7)
Leo Deegan Art through the Aperture Photography Nicole H Sean McLean Shelly Corbett Betty Habesch Kal Pant Elizabeth Hahn Michael B. Stuart Paul Moody Toshinori ABE Winnie Young Graham Knights Keith Elliott Jacek N. Kozioł Jasbir S. Randhawa ***** Darion Jackman John Balboni April L Hill Shannon Adelson Dylan Johnson Shelly Gunderson Robin Griggs Wood Kathleen Kent Angie Smith John Getchel Uwe Duwe Magdalena MadZ Wesly Smith Wendy Baker Dawn Siadatan wolly wolly Berit Schurse Tom Tran Eve Aebi Isabelle Fortin Liz C Cooksterz Littlefield

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Sign up here for the Camera Basics: Beyond Automatic 2017 mentorship!

Sign up here for the Camera Basics: Beyond Automatic 2017 mentorship!

►►► Read the instructions before you sign up! ◄◄◄

This is a special program through the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers designed to help you get to know your camera better and be able to move into Manual shooting mode. A group of mentors will be taking on a handful of people for a 8-week online mentorship program which will include lessons, assignments, and informal discussions. Everyone who participates can have fun and learn at the same time!

We have assembled a very able group of quality, knowledgeable and caring photographers from the Google+ community who want to share their understanding and experience with you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a camera BASICS workshop only, designed to help an individual move beyond shooting on auto or semi-automatic modes exclusively. It will cover how to use the various manual options for DSLR cameras and some "point and shoot" cameras that have a dedicated Manual mode. Do not apply for this workshop if your camera does not have a Manual mode.

Also, please be aware that this is an intensive mentorship. Each week will have set assignments, with very clear expectations. You will be shooting a lot. If you are not comfortable with a very guided and directed program, then this might not be the mentorship for you. This mentorship is not about developing your artistic vision. It is, however, very much about giving you the technical control of your camera needed to develop and realize your artistic vision. Advanced editing skills are not required, and for most of the mentorship you will be asked not to edit your photos.

Group size is LIMITED.

Signups will be open for several days, and are not first-come first-served. Selected participants will be notified by Thursday, Feb. 26th, and the first lesson post will be Thursday March 2nd. You will need to have the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers page circled to receive the private message, if you are selected.


These are the selection criteria:

• You must be taking and posting your own photographs regularly here on G+ –– typically at least a couple of PUBLIC posts per week; more posting increases your chances of being selected. (The class itself will be private to the group selected.)
Posts to a community, even public community are not considered public posts in the sense of this application. Participants are those who regularly post in G+ in a variety of public posts, including posts to public collections.

• You must be interactive with others here at G+, as you will be expected to participate in this program giving feedback and comments to your fellow participants. We learn from each other in this program.
• You must have the time available to participate in this workshop. You’ll be shooting a lot, and weekly assignments need to be completed on time. The program is designed so that each week builds on the lessons of the previous week. If you are going to be away in the middle of the mentorship, then it might be better to wait until the next offering.

(We use the same selection criteria that +Robin Griggs Wood uses for her "G+ Mentorship Art for Photographers Program", which you can read about here to see if you qualify for the BASICS mentorship: https://plus.google.com/b/105385385448524520257/105385385448524520257/posts/BT1Ei9qD2fi )

To be considered for selection, please comment to the main post only!

(your application will not be seen at any reshares) and answer the following questions in your comment:

1) Photography skill level or how long you've been shooting
2) Type of camera/s you currently shoot with that have Manual mode
3) Aspirations within photography
4) Current job or profession
5) Amount of time you have available for participation

1) Shooting for 1 year approx.
2) Canon EOS Rebel T3
3) To sell prints of my work
4) Full-time grocery store clerk
5) I do have a job and two kids, but I will make the time for this

The G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers is run by program directors Robin Griggs Wood, Ron Clifford and Alex Lapidus.

The Mentoring Team and Assistants.

On the Long Road Home

On the Long Road Home

There's a bajillion other awesome photogs here on G+, so you probably didn't know I was missing ... ;o) ... but I've been sick for forevs! I'm still sick, just not as sick ... and the good news is it is a mendable thing, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed this doesn't drag out until next New Years ... ;o7. Sending hugs out to my G+ buddies. I hope you are all happy and well ... :o)

#LandscapePhotography with thanks to Margaret Tompkins Eric Drumm Chandler L. Walker Krzysztof Felczak AJ Lim and Landscape Photography

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